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Strength Training for Women

Strength training for women is one of the most important routines that they can incorporate in their workouts. Not only does it help to burn the maximum amount of calories possible, but it is also one of the key factors to getting strong and sexy legs.


So why is strength training so effective? The main reason is because you build muscle. The leaner you are the more calories your body burns in order to nourish and maintain those muscles. It's a very effective means of fat loss where you still burn fat even well after you have finished exercising.


Strength Training For Women - Too Big And Muscular?

A common misconception about weight training is that it will make you big and bulky. Because of this many women will refrain from using resistance in their workouts for fear of becoming muscular like a man. Absolutely not! This is far from the truth.


Who says strong women aren't hot?


In fact it is much harder for women to build big muscles like men do. Many female body builders and fitness models like Tashina Hill have to go through rigorous training and harsh diets to do so. Unless you specifically train for it, it is very unlikely that you will look like a male body builder.


It is much harder for females to get bulky like a male simply because of obvious physical differences such as genetics, and hormone levels (females produce less testosterone). However you still build muscle, just not as big as guys typically get. What you do have is a shapely build that looks very strong and powerful. Just look at any female athlete out there and you'll get the point.

Strong is Sexy

All women who incorporate strength training have one thing in common. They all have a great pair of sexy legs. Strength is not always associated with masculinity. Strong can be sexy and beautiful as well.


Celebrities and fashion models are often thought to have the "ideal" body that many women want. However one can argue that “skinny” is merely an idea influenced through mainstream media.


Unlike the typical look of a fashion model or celebrity, women who train like athletes have built physiques, but are also sexy from top to bottom which can often at times be reminiscent of a super heroine.


Adding That Hotness To Your Legs - Incorporate Resistance To Your Workouts

Instead of doing plain aerobics for an entire hour, why not do something that will put those muscles into overdrive. If you want to get sexy legs, strength training with get you there. You don't have to go all out with the heavy weights. All you need is enough to give you a challenge, and get your body to start building lean muscle.


Here is a basic rule of thumb...

For strong, powerful looking legs add more resistance into your lower body workouts, and incorporate more explosive exercises. This builds muscle allowing for explosive strength, something that many athletes train for. People who participate in a physical sport almost always tend to have a developed lower body.


Lean muscle increases your metabolism and turns your body into a natural fat burning machine. If you want to see your legs take shape in optimal time this is key. The layers of fat will gradually melt from your thighs revealing the shape and definition of your legs.


So if you want to lose weight and get a pair of great legs, strength training is essential. Not only will it improve overall performance, it will also increase your metabolism and maximize the amount of calories that you can burn.


Get fit, get strong, and get sexy! Strength training is the key to optimally burn thigh fat, and getting the most beautiful legs on the planet!